Almond Saffron (Ayurvedic Name:- Ajara)

Hydrating pack which add instant glow and tightening to the skin.


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Anti Aging with Magic of Almond and Saffron

Almond and Saffron Anti Aging face Pack is a perfect blend of  Almond and Saffron that works as an anti aging agent for your skin and face. Saffron has a lot of health benefits .It treats headaches, allergies, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia and other chronic ailments. Besides this health benefits, saffron is an important ingredient in many beauty products over the ages. One of the reason for this is because saffron has anti-inflammatory properties, which works against aging, eczema, dead skin, etc.Saffron is a good exfoliating agent and therefore can help remove signs of aging on the skin. Saffron has some amazing benefits as an

  • Anti Aging Agent for wrinkles on skin,
  • Stretch Marks Post Pregnancy
  • Effective for   treating Skin Tanning and Skin Pigmentation (Used in Saffron De Tan Gel)
  •  Cracked Heels
  • Night Cream

Saffron has some amazing Overall Health benefits well documented at many place.

Almond is wonderful for your skin. It helps plump and firm the skin, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It is also a gentle exfoliator, so it helps remove dry, dead skin cells and reveal the smooth, glowing skin underneath. While you can always apply it on its own to your skin, you can make it even more effective by combining it with other ingredients, such as essential oil.

Almond Nourishes the skin and saffron add glow. So use Almond Saffron Anti Aging face pack to replenish and revive youth for your face and skin.

Net weight: 50gm


Add Milk & Honey to make thick paste apply all over face. Once it dry rinse with plain water.


Ayuvedic formulation

Ingredients :

Almonds, Iranian Saffron, Oats, Chronji  seeds, Neem and cashew and pistachios.


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